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Is this stone Real?

Yes! HalfRock is 100% natural stone or real rock. It is not man made or cultured in any way. It is
simply cut to make a natural stone veneer.

Where does HalfRock come from?

Our rock is all hand picked from rock quarries, farmers fields or rock piles.

Why do we hand pick the stone?

Our stone is hand picked to ensure the best color and size combination for the final stone
veneer. You will find a beautiful range of naturally occuring colors including pinks, reds,
purples, greens and many others. There are endless patterns and shapes in our stone veneer.
You might even find a fossil . The great thing about going with natural stone is that no 2 rocks
are the same. This means that there will be no visible pattern.

Why do we cut the stone?

Traditional meathods of installing stone, and especially this type of stone, are costly and time
consuming. The weight of the whole stone requires that it have extra support in order to hold it
in place. It also requires that the stone be installed in "rows" then the masonary mix allowed to
dry or set before the next row of stone is added. This is a slow, and therefore costly process.
By cutting the stone into a veneer, we reduce the weight, allowing each stone to be self
supporting. The result is a beautiful stone covered feature; finished in days rather than weeks.

What are corner stones?

Our corner stones are specially cut to wrap around outside corners to provide a natural flow in
the stone. They give a finished project a more natural (whole stone) type look.
Why should I choose HalfRocks Stone Veneer?

The sheer beauty of real stone veneer can not be over exaggerated. Although man has tried, it
certainly can not be duplicated by artificial products. Take a closer looks at our stone veneer and
you'll see things like conglomerate stones pressed together over time to become one mass, white
streaks of quartz through a pink stone, and perhaps even a fossil or fools gold. Each stone veneer
project will have unique characteristics that will never be repeted. Each stone veneer project is one of
a kind.

Is your stone veneer compairable to man made products?

All of our stone veneer is made by cutting a whole stone to a thickness of from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches
thick. Our stone veneer is compairable to the manfactured stone veneer in its weight. This Stone
Veneer can be used without any additonal foundation support and can certainly be installed any place
that can accept the artificial manufactured stone veneer.