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Priced at $28/sq ft Installed*
Corner Stone Cuts are $30/lin ft.

*this price is for exterior installation
within Alberta only.

For other
provinces please call for further information.

Interior projects are
priced based upon the project.

Time and Time again we have
been told "it's just not
possible"...we think it looks pretty
good for impossible!
Call Mike today for
a quote.

Located in Mayerthorpe
Alberta Canada

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Real stone has been used as a building material
for thousands of years.
Time has proven its superior durability under many
different conditions.
is unequalled.
It provides a TIMELESS style.

Click any photo on this
page to enlarge it or see more
of that project
Choose the best -- choose a real stone veneer for all of your stone installation needs

Our stone veneer is Installable on most surfaces with no additional foundational support

Our stone veneer can cover unsightly brick, concrete walls and much more

Make your fireplace or retaining walls beautiful or give yourself a conversation
starter with a stunning feature wall finished in our natural stone veneer.
Quick Stone Veneer Installation -- We can do an average fireplace in 1 day!

Why should I choose HalfRocks Stone Veneer?

The sheer beauty of real stone veneer can not be exaggerated. It certainly can not be duplicated by
artificial man made products. Take a closer looks at our stone veneer and you'll see things like
conglomerate stones pressed together over time to become one mass, white streaks of quartz through
a pink stone, and perhaps even a fossil or fools gold. Each stone veneer project will have unique
characteristics that will never be repeated. Each stone veneer project is one of a kind.
From This ...
... To This!!
Click any photo on this page to enlarge it or see more of that project
Click any photo on this page
to enlarge it or
see more of that project
Add a bit of color to
the joints between
your stone veneer
for another unique
look. A nice way to
make the veneer
(shown here in black)
All of our stone veneer is made by cutting a whole stone
to a thickness of from 1/2 inch to 2 1/2 inches thick.

HalfRock stone veneer is compairable the manfactured
stone veneer in its weight.

HalfRocks Stone Veneer can be used without any additonal
foundation support and can certainly
be installed any place that can accept
the artificial manufactured stone veneer.
Older Build or New Construction -- Our Stone Veneer compliments both.
Stone Veneer Pillar Bases
for Log Support
Stone Veneer behind your
wood stove
Access Panel
Inside feature
For more photos please visit our gallery page here